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$800 Individual Chapter 7
$900 Joint Chapter 7
(Plus Court costs for Bankruptcy)

Are you feeling mounting pressure from severe financial debt? Are you worried about the prospect of losing your home, your assets, and your sense of life stability? Are you tired of endless collection calls?

I know exactly what you're feeling, and I don't want you to suffer any longer. When your financial situation slowly deteriorates, you lose the confidence you need to take care of your family, and the debt usually continues to add up over time, further damaging your self-esteem. Don't give up if you're searching for answers to severe financial troubles.

From the moment make the commitment to file, I can stop the harassing calls in as little as one day!

At Fiscus Law you work directly with me (the attorney) not an assistant or legal aide. We will work together from beginning to end and I will do the paperwork from the basic information you provide.

The relief that comes from living debt-free is within your grasp! All you need to do is contact me to begin the process.

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