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Family Law and Divorce


As low as $850 (Plus court costs)

Going through a divorce is often one of the most emotional events in a person’s life, it can also be one of the most financially trying experiences as well. One way to help mitigate the costs and lessen emotional energy drain is for your and your spouse to work out all the details in advance.

As your attorney I will be able to guide you thru the process and advise you on issues such as the judge not finding your agreement equitable.

An "uncontested" divorce is one where the two parties have engaged in specific discussions and, having done so, have reached a comprehensive and detailed agreement on each and every issue involved in and important to their case.

Contact me for an initial free consultation, I will be able to advise you as to whether or not your case is truly "uncontested" and I will give you a firm quote as to the amount of our fee and the amount of the court costs which will be required to complete your case.

NOTE: Even if you and your spouse have engaged in serious discussions and have reached an agreement on most of the issues involved in your case, if even one issue remains upon which you have not agreed, your case is not "uncontested."


As low as $850 (Plus court costs)

Adoption is a wonderful way to create or add to a family, but the legal process can be complex and frustrating. Parents seeking to add a child to their family through adoption must have proper legal representation to ensure the adoption process goes smoothly and any issues are addressed in a timely manner. At Fiscus Law we guide prospective parents through the adoption process and help you navigate any potential pitfalls along the way.

There are several different types of adoptions, however, they all must go through the court system in order to be valid under as Illinois law prescribes numerous rules and regulations for legally adopting a child.

Most adoptions are uncontested, however, occasionally some adoptions involve contested issues that threaten to derail the process. Sari is experienced and skilled at anticipating and mitigating these issues.
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As low as $850 (Plus court costs)

If you need to establish paternity, Fiscus Law can help. With a professional legacy spanning more than 30 years, our firm has successfully handled numerous paternity cases for our clients.Child welfare is at the heart of establishing paternity. In addition to financial support, paternity helps a child form his or her identity. Knowing where you come from and who you belong to helps create a foundation. When a father is legally identified, Fiscus Law can help obtain the financial support needed to raise a child. In addition, knowing the family history of both parents provides a complete picture for health care concerns and issues the child may experience.

There are two ways to establish parentage:

  • Voluntary admission – signing a legal form to claim paternity
  • DNA testing – simple, affordable and accurate testing options are available

Fiscus Law will guide you through your parentage case and provide solid counsel on the legal outcomes for paternity testing and voluntary admission. Once paternity has been established, parental rights are protected by law. If a father chooses to sign a form stating he is the father of a child, there is a time-sensitive window to rescind that admission. Before signing any form, confer with me to make sure it is in your best interest to do so.

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